Real Killer Cupcakes: Little Shop of Horror Cake Pop Cupcakes

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Just as I promised, this week I had my first foray into cake pops with Audrey II cake pop cupcakes! They were a bit more difficult to make than I thought they would be and, boy, are these cakes heavy! The little pots hold mini chocolate cupcakes with a small candy coated chocolate Audrey II cake pop in each one, and the large pot holds a jumbo chocolate cupcake with a bigger Audrey II candy covered cake on top. I used apple chewy candy for the vine tentacles and frosting for the pink warts and to frost the cupcakes. Don’t worry, I didn’t feed it blood to make it grow!


Even though they were a little complicated to make, they sure were fun and a total hit at the cast party I took them too. By the way, if you live in the Central Coast area near Salinas, CA make sure to see our production of Little Shop of Horrors. It just opened and it’s fantastic!

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5 thoughts on “Real Killer Cupcakes: Little Shop of Horror Cake Pop Cupcakes

  1. Shane,… you are so talented at this! You never cease to amaze me with what you come up with, creatively speaking, on your cupcakes. Wish I could have seen them in person, but the photos came our great!! Wonderful job, my sweet.

  2. My husband is in a production of Little Shop here in Vegas. He’s actually the voice of Audrey II. I thought it would be fun to make some Audrey II cake pops for the cast. That’s when I stumbled upon your website! These are incredible. I don’t think that mine will turn out as well, but we shall see!!

    • That’s great! To make things easier for you, I have a few tips for making the Audrey II cake pops: don’t make the cake balls too big or they get really heavy. Also dip the stick in melted candy coating, push it into the cake ball, and chill them until the melted candy is hardened. Then dip the whole thing in the rest of the candy coating. Also have a styrofoam block (with holes already put in to the size of the sticks) ready to stick the cake pops in before you start dipping them in candy coating, otherwise you’ll be like I did running around the house holding a dripping cake pop trying to find a piece of styrofoam one handed, haha.

      If you’d like to try the mini cupcake filled terra cotta pots for the pops, I got the smallest kind I could find at Michaels and the mini cupcakes fit perfectly. The pots where about 1″-1.5″ in diameter at the top. You’ll have to cut the pop sticks down to fit these though. I didn’t cut them enough and the sticks stuck out the drainage hole at the bottom and made the pots tip over. If I had to do it again, I’d cut the sticks down to about 1.5″-2.” Good luck with your Audrey II cake pops!

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