Halloween Is Sneaking Up On Me

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Seeing as Halloween is about a month and a half away, I need to start planning my ghoulish treats. I like to go all out for Halloween, including my costume, so it’s pretty important to pre-plan what I’m going to make and how it’s all going to be done before I leave for whatever party I go to. Last year, I worked like a madwoman trying to get my Cruella Devil costume together as well as five different dishes done for a party that night. It was exhausting. So this year, I probably won’t do as many treats. But I will be doing a batch of cupcakes!

So in the theme of my costume this year (zombie nurse), I want to make zombie themed cupcakes as well. Woot.com had an awesome t-shirt design a while ago that I’ve been wanting to recreate for some time now. It’s called the Last Cupcake and can be seen below:

We’ll see if I can pull it off.

Are you making any special treats for Halloween this year? Am I crazy for even asking about that more than a month in advance? What have you made in the past?

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