A Few of My Favorite Halloween Things

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If you want to give your Halloween treats a spooky makeover, give some of these items a try:

1. NOMSKULLS by Fred

These silicone skull cupcake molds are great for Halloween, and if you pipe some grey or pink frosting on the top into a brain shape, they’ll become instant zombie food for your party guests.

2. Metal Spider Cupcake Stands by Crate&Barrel

Have a bunch of creepy spider cupcakes crawling all over your Halloween dessert table with these Spider Cupcake Stands (cupcake liners and cupcakes not included). I’ve also seen them available at Cost Plus World Market and Target.

3. Cake Stand Spider Web Paper Wrapper by Fancyflours

If you have a cake stand that needs to be a little scarier, try Fancyflours’ Spider Web Paper Wrapper. This laser cut paper wrapper adds a delicate spiderweb around just about any cake stand up to 15 inches (cake and cake stand not included).

4. Zombie Cupcake Kit by Layer Cake Shop

This kit comes with plenty of decorations to make an army of 24 Zombie cupcakes.

Kit includes:

  • 24 assorted zombie cupcake toppers.. a mix of eye balls, green fingers, zombie hands, gravestones, graveyard fences, bats, grass, trees, bugs, hatchets, shotguns, revolvers, and daggers
  • 24 assorted black and lime green baking cups
  • 1 ounce of white bone sprinkles
  • 24 royal icing eyes

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