Batman Cake Pops {Giveaway}

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In honor of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, I decided to make some Batman cake pops. I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago when the movie came out, but I ordered the background poster too late and have been waiting for it to arrive in the mail. So here they are!

I don’t know how Bakerella does it. Her cake pops are perfection. Mine never come out how I want them to, and it takes all of my patience to not throw the pops against the wall while I’m making them. Truthfully, I’m not sure why I keep making cake pops. Anyway, these aren’t exactly how I envisioned them, but they did turn out pretty cute.

Items you’ll need for this project are cake, frosting, candy melts in yellow, black, white and orange, oil, white sprinkles, pop sticks, pop stand, a toothpick, and candy coated sunflower seeds.

I used brownie mix for this one instead of cake but you can use anything you want. A box mix or your favorite cake recipe will work. Make the brownie or cake according to the directions and let it cool. Once it’s cool, break it up in a bowl and mix a little frosting with it. I used chocolate frosting but white frosting works well too. I’m not sure how much frosting to use, I just put a little plop and mixed it in with my hands. The consistency should be like clay: not too dry, not too moist. Cover the cake mixture with some pastic and chill it in the fridge for a few minutes.

Create a pop stand before you start working on the pops. This can be made out of a block of styrofoam with some holes pre-poked into it, or buy a cardboard cake pop stand from the store. I got mine at Walmart in the baking section.

For the Bat Signals, melt the yellow candy using the instructions on the package and add some oil to it a little bit at a time, until it’s nice and smooth. Dip the end of one of the pop sticks in the candy, and push it about halfway into a rolled up ball of cake. Place it on your stand.

For the Batman cake pops, melt some white candy melts with a little bit of orange and the yellow until it’s the skin color you want. Using the same technique as the other cake pops, glue the sticks onto the cake balls. When you’re done gluing the cake balls onto the sticks, put the cake pops in the fridge for about 15 minutes so the candy hardens.

Next step is to dip the pops. Dip the Signals in the yellow candy and the Batman ones in the skin-colored candy and knock off the extra. Place two candy coated sunflower seeds on each Batman pop for the bat ears. Return them to the stand and chill once again.

Melt some black candy in a bowl or mug and also melt a little bit in a ziplock bag. Dip the Batman pops in the black candy half way and stick a white sprinkle for each eye and place on the stand.

Draw the bat logo with a toothpick on the yellow pops and fill it in with the melted candy in the ziplock (cut the tip off of the bag’s corner). Also draw a mouth on the Batman pops with the bag of black candy. For the last time, chill the cake pops. You’re done!


I’ve decided to give away the Batman poster I got for the background. It’s a silk wall poster measuring 40″ x 24.” It shows Gotham City with Christian Bale’s Batman to one side. This is for US residents only as I will be paying for shipping myself.

The poster is brand new but the tape that I used to put it up for the photos with pulled off some of the ink on the corners. So if you win, you will be receiving the poster slightly damaged.

The giveaway will end on August 8th, 2012 at 11:59pm.

Read the Official Rules for more information.

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