Grumpy Cat Says Birthdays Are Awful

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Recently, a couple of my friends had birthdays, so I wanted to make them a special cake. We all love cats, and I am obsessed with little Miss Tarder Sauce a.k.a Grumpy Cat, so I created this Grumpy Cat cake.

I used a cute “vintage” Wilton cake cake pan from the 1970s for the shape and then frosted Tard’s adorably sourpuss face onto it. I love how it turned out. If I had had more time, I would have gone into more detail. Have any of you ever made a cool cake for a birthday before?


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5 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat Says Birthdays Are Awful

    • It was a bit daunting to try decorating this cake. I’m used to decorating cupcakes, so doing something this size, I didn’t know where to start! I did most of the detailed frosting with a toothpick. It ended up having a little bit of a Van Gogh brushstroke look when I was done that I really liked.

  1. This cake is fantastic. I appreciate your comment about being nervous to decorate the cake. It is very encouraging to someone like me to discover that even folks who bake for a living sometimes have to take a deep breath before they dive in to a project. I’ve been following your facebook page for awhile, but am happy to now be following here too. I have to tell you though that what first caught my attention was that you share a name with my sister-in-law, who is a phenomenal cook and baker. We gave her lots of grief over having a “secret” business that no one in the family was aware of.

    • Thank you for all the compliments! I love to hear from my readers. This blog is just a fun side project I work on. I wish I had a business in baking, but sometimes it’s nice to not have to worry about the business aspect of it and be able to bake for fun.

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