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IMG_3592I love retro cookbooks! I found these two books in a kickass thrift store called Class ‘n’ Trash in Salinas, CA for only $1 each. Some of the recipes in them are a bit funky, but I love the photos and trying some of the odd meals. These are circa 1963 and came in quite handy for my ’60s cocktail party I told you about a few days ago.


For the cocktail party, my boyfriend made a Western Chili Casserole from the Better Homes and Gardens Lunches and Brunches book, and I got the idea for my Pineapple Upside Down Cake from the Better Homes and Gardens So-Good Meals one. I ended up using my grandma’s recipe because it sounded better than the cake mix-based recipe in the So-Good Meals book, but the idea is the same.

Just look at this spread!

IMG_3595One thing I realized was that jello was THE THING in the 1960s. Everything had jello in it from desserts like the Bing Cherry Mold (pictured below) to more savory dishes like the Tune Ring pictured in the center of the image above (yuck!).

IMG_3596Don’t forget to get the kids involved in the kitchen!

IMG_3597This also must have been when the whole eating healthy movement started, because one of the books even has a low-calorie cooking section.

IMG_3598Even if I didn’t use these books for cooking, I’d still love them because they are perfect little snapshots of times past.

Do you love vintage cookbooks as much as I do? Where do you find them? Have you inherited any from family?

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