Spooky Graveyard Cake

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It’s Halloween time! It’s my favorite time of year. This year I decided to do a graveyard cake. I’ve also been busy working on my Zoltar costume the past month. This cake has a bunch of candy melts for decoration and was made with my mom’s Triple Chocolate Cake and Sweet Savory Life’s Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.


First try wasn’t cutting it

I did a graveyard cake in the past but was unhappy with how it turned out, so I felt like trying it again. The original one had cookies for tombstones and a real stick for a tree. It was cute, but I wanted something that was completely edible this time around and a little more extravagant.


  • Frosted 9in x 13in cake
  • Green frosting (for grass)
  • Candy melts in chocolate, black, and white.
  • Tombstones (made from cookies, fondant, candy molds, etc) I used Wilton’s Creepy Tombstone Candy Mold. This has been discontinued, but if you search around in stores and online, you might be able to find it. I found mine just last week at my local Michaels on clearance for $0.99!
  • Fence templates (Template 1, Template 2)
  • Tree template
  • Candy decor (candy corn pumpkins, Peep ghosts, bone candy, Wilton Skeleton Bones Candy Mold, bug candy, etc). You can decorate it with anything you like really. These were just the items I used for this cake.
  • Oreos or other chocolate cookie (for dirt)

I made the cake in a 9in x 13in cake pan but when turned out on the platter, was closer to 7in x 11in. The fence templates I’ve included are made for the 7in x 11in cake (although the fence doesn’t quite meet up everywhere.) If you make a larger (or smaller) cake resize the fences accordingly.

Once the cake has cooled and been frosted, place your tombstones. The ones I used were very big so that dictated the proportion of my cake. Then I made my skeleton with white candy melts in the Skeleton Bones Candy Mold and placed pieces of him in front of one of the tombstones. I also put the Peep ghost and other decor in the graveyard to my liking.


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I’m Disappointed in you, Martha Stewart

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Recently Martha Stewart gave a controversial interview to Bloomberg.com. During the interview she made a comment about bloggers that really pissed me off:

“Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. There are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested that aren’t necessarily very good, or are copies of what really good editors have created and done. Bloggers create a kind of a popularity but they are not the experts. We have to understand that.” -Martha Stewart

If the video isn’t working you can watch it at Bloomberg.com.

Personally, I’m hugely disappointed. I’ve liked Martha’s crafts over the years, but I have to call her out for making incorrect assumptions about bloggers. What makes HER a professional expert? She went to school for History and Architectural History. Does that make her a expert in cooking? Did her modeling career make her a professional expert in arts and crafts? I don’t think so. She learned cooking from her family and may have a natural talent for crafting but she became a professional in those fields by starting a business in those areas and being successful at it. Many of these bloggers she so rudely dissed are doing the same thing with their blogs. They may not be huge money making businesses, such as Martha Stewart Living, but they care about the products they produce and many work hard to provide great recipes that have been tested over and over again until they’re perfect.

One thing I love about blogs is you often get to see the process that goes into testing recipes and crafts and finding out what works and what doesn’t. It’s a much more personal interaction between the baker or crafter and the audience, more than Martha ever has had with her audience.

I wouldn’t consider myself a professional baker by any means. I’ve never come up with a recipe myself and often use other people’s recipes in my blog posts, but I don’t think that makes what I do invalid. I’m new at baking and usually spend more time decorating a cake than baking it. I’m an artist and like to use my artistic skills in the food world. It’s fun! Blogging is fun.

For the past 12 years I’ve worked in theatre. Eight of those years were specifically in prop making. I don’t know if I’m a complete expert at prop making, because I learn new techniques for crafting props every day, but I would consider myself a professional in that area. The only thing that got me to that point of professionalism was getting out there and doing it. I didn’t go to school for years of theatrical education although my process of learning the job was in an educational environment. Life is full of education, whether you spent tons of money for a degree or not.

I think Martha Stewart is threatened by the Rise of the Blogger. Blogging is a simple way to gain a following and possibly a business. Martha may be concerned how quickly these bloggers can share their ideas and become a genuine professional in the field that she’s reigned for years now.

I know there are bloggers out there that don’t create anything new or original and take credit for other people’s ideas, but most of the bloggers I come across are nothing like that. Some of my posts don’t showcase a new design, but when I borrow from other’s ideas, I always give credit to those designs that inspired me and I built upon.

Martha should embrace the online blogging culture and encourage those who have a knack for cooking, baking, and arts and crafts to get out there and share it with the world! What’s so wrong with that?

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