24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun: Days 1-4

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IMG_4883_2This month I will share with you the advent calendar that I put together for my grandma. I found this fantastic D.I.Y. mitten advent calendar tutorial over at Holiday Crafts and Creations. It took a while to make because I did it all by hand, and did some fancy decor on some of the mittens, but I think it was worth it. It’s turned out great!

In each of the mittens is either an activity for her and me to do together, candy, or a present. For the activities I typed out little notes that fit into the mittens.



Day 1 was a fun one. I got out my mini fake tree and I helped her decorate it. I did most of the work due to my grandma’s arthritis, but she helped me decide where to put the ornaments.

IMG_4878On day 2 I gave her a couple of dove ornaments to add to the tree. Day 3 and 4 were not as special, but she got some candy and a lip balm.

IMG_4885I added little loops to the mittens so that after each day was done, we could put the mitten on the our living room Christmas tree as an ornament.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming days in the calendar. I’ll update the blog every few days or so documenting our fun experiences with the advent calendar. My grandma is getting a kick out of it.

Do you do advent calendars with your family? I’ve always loved advent calendars and counting down to Christmas. Do you have any other holiday traditions in your family?

**The snowflakes in the title image are from www.obsidiandawn.com and www.graphicssoft.about.com**
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