Crazy Cat Lady Party

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I don’t know about you, but I love everything about cats. Most of my life, I’ve pretty much only had cats as pets and love the comfort of having them around. I know a lot of people don’t like cats because they can be little assholes sometimes, but I love little asshole cats too!

It had been a while since I had thrown a theme party, and I couldn’t decided what theme to choose, until I saw these paper plates in a store. They made me chuckle and that’s when it hit me! I need to celebrate the crazy cat lady in myself and invite all my crazy friends along for the ride. Everything, then, spiraled into cat-fueled delirium from there.

I always start my party planning by figuring out what decorations I plan to have and which of those to make myself. I am a self-proclaimed D.I.Y. Master, so making my own decor is a lot of fun for me. From the blog, Daisy Dreaming, I got the idea to make little tiny scratching posts for the food labels. I took their idea a few steps further by adding bright-colored, curled up paper clips, a little cat toy, and some fabric to the base of the post. I was incredibly happy with how they turned out!

To include a bit of the “Internet Cat” feel to my party, I made the food labels look like the oh-so-familiar cat memes you can’t escape online. Altogether, the scratching posts and food labels were popular at my party. A couple of my friends even took some home with them as party favors at the end.

Speaking of the food, I had to have some cat themed food at this party. The most popular (well, not too popular) item was the Cat Litter Cake! Most people were too grossed out by the look of it to even eat it. That just means more cake and frosting goodness for me!

This was the easiest cake I think I have ever made. It consists of a box of white cake mix and the ingredients to make it, canned chocolate frosting, and some food dye. For a more detailed tutorial click here for the recipe.

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Cat Litter Cake {Crazy Cat Lady Party Idea}

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The pièce de résistance at my Crazy Cat Lady Party was the gross-looking-but-oh-so-delicious Cat Litter Cake. It’s probably the easiest cake I’ve ever made. People at all baking levels can make this one. Even kids! I dare you to try a scoop!

Before you bake the cake, make sure to get a brand new cat litter box or something similar and a new cat litter scoop. I was able to find these at dollar stores. I wrapped my scoop with cling wrap so that the cake wouldn’t fall out between the slots.

Cat Litter Cake


  • 1 box of white cake mix (and whatever ingredients it calls for)
  • 1 10 oz. can of chocolate frosting (a regular 16 oz can is fine if you can't find the small ones)
  • Black, blue, and yellow food coloring


  1. Blend the white cake batter together according to the instructions on the box.
  2. In a small bowl, separate out about a 1/2 cup of the batter (the amount of one cupcake).
  3. In the big bowl of batter place a few drops of black food coloring to tint it a light grey. If you want the cake to be cat-litter accurate, make sure to find some photos (or your own litter) for reference.
  4. Some litters have little specs of green or blue in them (deodorizers?) so color the small amount of batter you put aside a green or bluish color of your choice with the blue and yellow food coloring. I went with a turquoise color.
  5. Pour the grey batter into a 9" x 13" cake pan
  6. Scoop the green batter into a cupcake tin lined with a cupcake wrapper.
  7. Bake the cake according to the instructions on your boxed mix. Make sure to check on the green cupcake at least 10 mins earlier than the full cake, so it doesn't overcook.
  8. When the cake is done baking, let it fully cool before you place it in the litter box.
  9. Crumble up the cooled grey cake into the litter box until it's fine little pieces that look like litter. Then crumble the green cupcake over that (you may not need all of it) until you like the grey to green ratio.
  10. Take a frosting bag or Ziplock bag and cut a corner off. The amount of the corner you cut off depends on what size "cat poops" you want.
  11. Spoon the chocolate frosting into the Ziplock, seal it, and get creative! If you have cats you know how wild it can get. Make small poops and large poops, curled poops and straight poops, poops that hang off the side of the box or roll some around in the "cat litter" cake. Keep adding frosting poops until you like how it looks.
  12. Then sit back and watch no one want to eat your delicious cake!

If you make this, tell me how your guests react in the comments below. My friends didn’t even touch it until I started to serve it to them in little cat food dishes. It tastes great if you can get past the look of it, and it’s perfect for serving with ice cream.

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