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Interested in being a guest poster for Shane’s Killer Cupcakes? I’d love to have some other people’s expertise on here in addition to mine. If you think you’ve got a great idea for a post contact me through the form at the bottom of this page and pitch your idea!

I’m interested in all baking or dessert related content such as cakes, cupcakes, candy, cookies, etc. Want to share your experience making a recipe or putting on a fabulous party? Anything is possible. I’d love some How To posts or even Crafts. I’m a big crafter and would love to have some posts about D.I.Y. crafts that go with sweets or baking. The ideas are endless!

Some Topic Suggestions

  • How Tos
  • Recipes
  • Throwing a party (include any desserts you made!)
  • D.I.Y. baking or dessert crafts
  • An interview with a local baker
  • An article about a local bakery or cake shop
  • A review for product(s) you use in the kitchen
If you have an idea that’s not listed here, email me and ask about it!

Guidelines and Requirements for Posting

Here are a few guidelines you should follow if you want to have your writing featured on Shane’s Killer Cupcakes (SKC).

Make it Original and Exclusive

Please make your guest post original and written only for SKC. If you want to share what you write for SKC on your own blog, that’s great! But please link back to your guest post here as well. What you write for SKC is exclusive content for SKC.

Make It Relevant

Like I said before, I’m looking for guest posts with baking or dessert related content. Make sure it’s something I haven’t already covered on the blog before. Holiday posts are also welcome but make sure you submit your post sometime around that holiday (a good guideline would be to send it within a month of the actual date of the holiday).

Use Images

I require you to use at least one image in your post, but it must be an image you have the copyright to use. If you aren’t using an image that you took yourself, I will need to see proof that you got legal permission from the copyright holder for it to be used in your post.

Editing Your Posts

I ask that when you submit your post to me, that it be fully edited and ready to publish. If something needs to be edited that you have not caught yourself, I will edit it if needed. Hopefully though your post will be awesome as is! Also if there is any content in your post that I do not want on SKC, I will notify you to edit it out or may do so myself.

Length of posts is another part of editing. I have no specific rules about how long or short a post can be but if it’s wordy, break up your posts with pictures and separate your ideas in small paragraphs. No one wants to read a wall of text. Shorter posts are better, so if yours is a bit long, think about where it could be edited to be more succinct.

Author Bios

An author’s bio will be included at the bottom of each person’s guest post! I want the readers of SKC to get to know you and be able to follow you in your other endeavors. For your bio please include 3 or 4 sentences about yourself and any links to your Facebook, Twitter or blog that you want to include. I’d like the bios to have a photo of the author as well, so please include one with your bio. I may crop your photo to fit in the space.


If your post is selected to feature on Shane’s Killer Cupcakes, I will promote your post on my Facebook page and Twitter. Please promote your post being on SKC too! You will also receive the following image to display on your blog or website if you want to (linked back to Shane’s Killer Cupcakes, please).


Regular Guest Posts

If your posts are popular and you want to write for me semi-regularly, I may add you to my users on my blog. You will have the status of Author which means you may edit, publish, and delete your own posts, as well as upload files/images to WordPress. You will need to have a WordPress account to be invited as a regular author of SKC.

As administrator, I will still have control over your posts and would like to be consulted before you publish any posts. Also as an Author on WordPress, your Gravatar photo will be displayed in the righthand column next to mine. This is only for a very select few who I choose. You may need to write several pieces for SKC before you are offered a regular authorial role.

There is no compensation for writing for SKC except for exposure on my blog and the freedom to promote your guest post elsewhere on the internet.

Please submit your guest post by filling out the form below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you want to ask about a topic before you go to the trouble of writing about it, that’s fine too!


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