And The Oscar Goes To….Oscar Cupcakes!

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Sorry this is up a little late considering the Academy Awards are over by now, but here is what I made for an Oscar party I went to tonight. I got the idea the other day from a post over on Hoosier Homemade. I couldn’t see their pictures up close very well but I think I did a decent job recreating them. Luckily I threw a Hollywood costume party last year and had a ton of decorations left over for the photo shoot set-up.

For the cake part, I used the chocolate cake recipe from this post that I shared with you last month. I’ve been so tired of making buttercream icing lately that I chose to make some cream cheese frosting this time. I used this recipe but had to alter it a little bit. If made as instructed in that recipe, it has a very strong cream cheese flavor. For some things like a carrot cake that might work, but I wanted something that was a little sweeter, so I added at least another cup of powdered sugar to the called-for two.  If I made it again I might even add a little more powdered sugar. The flavor was still pretty strong but it did taste good.

The Oscar statue toppers are made of yellow melting candy that I drew out on some wax paper. To make it easier for drawing, print out this template (PDF) and put it under the wax paper on a cookie sheet. Fill in the black area with the candy melts. Then sprinkle it with gold sugar sprinkles. Harden them up in the fridge for a bit and then they can be shoved into the top of the frosting at the end.

I used a #1M tip to pipe the frosting. If you don’t have frosting bags, get some heavy duty freezer ziplock bags, cut a corner out and shove the frosting tip through it from the inside out. Don’t cut the hole too big or the tip will go all the way through. Then heap the frosting inside the bag and push it down to the opening. Put more of the gold sprinkles on the top of the frosting too.

The Oscars go for a little stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Did you watch the Academy Awards this year? How did you like it? I felt there was a lot of stuff that could have been cut out and I was disappointed that they didn’t let the Best Original Song nominees perform. I was looking forward to seeing the Muppets perform “Man or Muppet.” I’m glad it won though. What were some of your favorite and least favorite moments?

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