24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun: Days 5-6

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Here is your next installment in my 24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun! I’m going to focus on day 5 and 6 today. One thing I learned in the past couple days is not all activities and ideas go as planned.

Day 5

Yesterday our activity was to make a stocking for our cat, Martooni. He’s a rambunctious two year old tabby we picked up at the local SPCA this past summer. This is his first Christmas with us, and what better way to make him part of the family than make him a stocking? I’m a crafty girl, so I pre-made parts of the stocking and planned to have my grandma help me put it together as her advent calendar activity.


I went a little overboard and decided to embroider his face! This took forever and was the first time I’d attempted “drawing” with thread. I made the face, a bow tie, the green stocking foot, and the red cuffs ahead of time and figured my 93 year old grandma could handle tacky gluing the face, bow tie, and cuffs onto the stocking and I’d hand stitch the rest together. Unfortunately the tacky glue was not working very well and it kept falling apart, so I ended up having to sew it all instead. I could have used hot glue, but I was afraid my grandma would get burned. I’ve had plenty of hot glue burns (and blisters) over the years, and I’d never wish that on my grandma ever.


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