24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun: Days 1-4

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IMG_4883_2This month I will share with you the advent calendar that I put together for my grandma. I found this fantastic D.I.Y. mitten advent calendar tutorial over at Holiday Crafts and Creations. It took a while to make because I did it all by hand, and did some fancy decor on some of the mittens, but I think it was worth it. It’s turned out great!

In each of the mittens is either an activity for her and me to do together, candy, or a present. For the activities I typed out little notes that fit into the mittens.



Day 1 was a fun one. I got out my mini fake tree and I helped her decorate it. I did most of the work due to my grandma’s arthritis, but she helped me decide where to put the ornaments.

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