Cupcakes On My T.V.? Yes!

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I just started watching a new T.V. show on CBS called “2 Broke Girls” that could be promising. It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill multi-cam sitcom, but it has two great stars that could make this show great. The show is about a fairly broke girl, Max, played by the sardonic Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), who works two jobs, one of which as a waitress at a small diner. Her new roommate/ coworker Caroline, played by Beth Behrs, is newly poor due to her dad’s conviction for running a Ponzi scheme on half of New York’s wealthy, and tries to make ends meet by “slumming” it on the street.

Max likes to make awesome cupcakes and sell them at the diner, and Caroline, stepping into her dad’s business shoes, decides that they should begin saving money to set up a cupcake business together and start bringing in the big bucks.  She postulates that they’ll need $250,000 to start it up and that it could be achieved within a year if they both work two jobs. Whether her objective is realistic or not, she has a plan, and the two seem to be connecting with this cupcake shop goal in mind. Each show ends with how much they’ve saved up to that point.

Max (Kat Dennings) brings cupcakes to the diner, one of which is enjoyed my Earl (Garrett Morris), the cashier

So far I like the show a lot. The dialogue is fresh and witty but at times tries a little too hard to be edgy. Overall, the show could become a lot better once the drastic stereotypes of each of the characters die down a little and if the dialogue stays as witty.

I don’t know if the cupcake angle of the show will continue to be a main plot line, but I’ll keep watching and pretend that it’s me planning to open a cupcake shop.

If you’d like to see an extended preview to get an idea of the show’s tone, check out this video here:

For a clip of the show, watch the video below:


Full episodes are available on CBS’s website.

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